Decks and Patio Construction in White Rock

Whether you had a deck or patio built, or inherited one when you purchased your home, you understand the maintenance required of owning one, especially a deck. While both decks and patios can have long lives it’s important to perform proper maintenance, and in case of cracking or decay, to tend to it as quickly as you’re able.

At Total Renovations our team has the specialized knowledge required to fix any White Rock deck or patio and get your summer lifestyle back on track! Call us for immediate and successful repairs done right the first time.


Repair vs. New Build

Decks and patios are relatively affordable additions to any home considering the high return on investment, and added value on your home. If you’ve just purchased a home with a deck or patio that looks like it’s not in the best condition, or if you haven’t been keeping up to date on maintenance of an older custom deck or patio, don’t assume that either need be replaced.

Deck and patio restoration is our specialty and we’ve had many satisfied White Rock clients over the years, happy they did not choose to build new.

Concrete Patios

We’ve restored tons of concrete! However, if it’s got widespread, deep cracks it may be beyond repair. Thin cracks and level concrete are an easy fix.

Flagstone Patios

The beauty of flagstone patios, is that they’re already uneven. Aside from a stone or two if that, you’ll never need to fully replace this kind of patio.

Paver Patios

Because of how they’re manufactured, even if one paver needs to be replaced it’s simple to do this while leaving the others alone. A paver patio would have to be extremely old and damaged for us not to be able to repair it.

Brick Patios

Like pavers, individual bricks can suffer from damage, but can be removed and replaced without touching the rest of the patio.

Wood Decking

Deck inspection can be tricky, and that’s why it’s important to hire professionals to assess your repair needs. Total Renovations will check for rot, inspect joists and beams, the railing system, and check for cracks in the boards. It takes a knowledgeable eye to do all of this properly, so do not risk doing it yourself. Generally pieces of a deck can be replaced, but on occasion, water or termite damage can be too extreme.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a little different from your classic wood deck. It will not rot, but is prone to discoloration, scratches and scrapes, as well as the occasional dents and deep scratches depending on how it’s been used. A great trick to save boards is to just flip them over. But once both sides are damaged, you’ll need a replacement!

Restoration: The Smart Choice

When it comes to restoring or building a new deck or patio, 99% of the time restoration is the smarter choice. Decks and patios are sturdy structures that are made to last, so if you have the opportunity to restore, take it every time!

If you’re uncertain, give Total Renovations, your White Rock deck and patio experts, a call and we’ll come by to give you a free assessment today.

Consult with Our Patio Contractors

Our goal with every deck and patio installation project is to provide our clients with everything they had hoped for and more. To achieve this, we make sure that we always provide you with ample time to talk things over with our attentive team. Once we are all on the same page and your questions have been answered, we can get to work on developing the final design for your new structure.

Quality Materials for Your New Deck or Patio

Our deck designers never take any shortcuts when it comes to building additions to your property that will look great and stand the tests of time. We want all of our work to live up to our high standards of quality, which means that we expect them to be sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. We get all of our materials from trusted suppliers that we have strong relationships with, so you are always guaranteed a worthwhile investment.

Affordable Deck Contractors

If you are thinking about building a deck or patio on your property, then Total Renovations is here to help you maximize your budget. We maintain a lean operation and work intelligently in order to provide our clients the best possible prices on our superb construction. If getting your new patio at a great price is important to you, then you can’t go wrong with our cost-effective installations.

Quick Turnarounds from Your Patio Builders

We work hard to provide our clients with the beautiful outdoor construction they are looking for in the fastest possible time frame. We make sure to plan carefully and arrive with all of the tools and equipment we need to ensure an efficient building process. If you are ready to start enjoying your new deck or patio without waiting too long, then we are the company to call.

Open Communication Throughout the Deck Building Process

Here at Total Renovations, we pride ourselves on our polite and professional approach to all of our construction work. When you choose us to oversee your deck building project, you can rest assured that you will not be left in the dark at all. From start to finish, we promise to be honest and approachable, as well as keep you informed regarding any new developments along the way.

Protect Your Deck with Our Professional Staining

In addition to our skillful deck and patio construction, we can also help you extend the lifespan of your structure and keep it looking great with our staining and coating services. We use professional quality products to protect your investment and help it stand up to whatever weather comes its way.

Speak with Our Skilled Patio Contractors Today

If you have decided that it is finally time to get started on the deck or patio you have always wanted, then we would love to help. Our convenient scheduling options and affordable pricing are just a few of the things that make us an easy choice to handle the job. Get in touch with our experts by calling (604) 649-5404 and learn more about what we can do for you.